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At Leading Edge Technology Search, our vision is to be recognized as the number one technology recruitment partner around the globe. We strive to establish ourselves as the go-to partner for both companies seeking top technology talent and candidates searching for rewarding career opportunities.

By fostering strong relationships, providing exceptional service, and delivering tailored staffing solutions, we aim to exceed the expectations of our clients and candidates.
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The Accelerated Talent Acquisition Program

Unparalleled Expertise:
At LETS, we possess extensive industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the technology landscape. We leverage this expertise to identify and attract top-tier candidates who excel in their roles.
Proactive Talent Acquisition:
Our approach to talent acquisition is proactive. We actively seek out high-performing individuals who are thriving in their current positions, ensuring that you gain access to the best talent in the market.
Customized Solutions:
We recognize that your organizational culture and requirements are unique. The ATA Program is tailored to align with your specific needs, enabling us to find candidates who not only possess the required skills but also fit seamlessly within your team.
Exclusive Focus:
With the ATA Program, we concentrate exclusively on the positions that matter most to you. Whether it's filling critical roles, addressing staffing gaps, or focusing on high-priority positions, we are committed to your success.
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How the ATA Program Works

Position Assessment
We collaborate closely with you to identify the positions that require our exclusive attention. Our team gains a comprehensive understanding of your requirements to ensure a targeted and efficient recruitment process.
Competitive Recruiting Fee
We use a retained search approach at contingent pricing, and we take equity in lieu of cash for startups and this reduces our fee per hire significantly.
Unwavering Commitment
We provide a dedicated team of expert recruiters who are fully committed to your success. We persistently pursue exceptional candidates until the position is filled, ensuring that your team is equipped for maximum performance.

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with the ATA Program.

Our expertise, proactive approach, and customized solutions empower you to secure the best talent in the market and drive Adobe's digital transformation initiatives.
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